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Steering system is usually be known as the most important part of a vehicle as it enables a driver to control and continuously adjust the steered path of the vehicle by rotating the steering wheel. For more than a decade of experience in the automotive industry, Saiko is proud to be known as one of the Malaysia’s top steering system and ball joint suppliers that distributes a premium line of steering system parts like tie rod end, rack end, ball joint, as well as stabilizer link. At Saiko, all of our replacement parts are designed to meet OEM-specific requirements and are able to achieve excellent handling that makes the driver feels safe and in control.

In addition, our steering system parts offering has also been specifically engineered to be able to cater to all of the major brands of vehicle in Malaysia. With our parts 100% tested to ensure they conform with both the ISO 9001 and TS16949 Standards, you can feel confident when buying the parts you need from Saiko. That’s the reason why Saiko is always be rated by our distributors and business partners as the first-class steering parts supplier in Malaysia.

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Extreme Durable Tie Rod End that Built to Perform

Extreme Durable Tie Rod End in Malaysia

Tie rod end is an important part of your vehicle’s steering assembly that connects two front wheels to each other to ensure they function in-sync. At Saiko, you can find a complete range of durable tie rod ends that offered at a very reasonble rate. With all the tie rods manufactured from high-quality and heat-treated materials, you can rest assured that the parts we sell are all genuine OEM parts which have been fully tested in order to be in accord with the OE standards.

In addition, Saiko’s tie rod ends have also passed the high-tensile strength test and gap inspection to ensure they can deliver balance and longevity, with superior resistant to wearm as well as excellent load-carrying capabilities.

Premium Stabilizer Link that Excellence in Stable Steering

Premium Stabilizer Link in Malaysia

A stabilizer link act as a component of auto suspensions that designed to connect the anti-roll bar and opposite wheels for keeping your car stable and handling smoothly under diverse driving conditions, as well as preventing excessive body lean during cornering.

As one of the long-established suppliers of steering system parts in Malaysia, we supply a comprehensive range of stabilizer links which are of OEM specifications and manufactured with high-quality components to guarantee long-lasting performance, deliver exceptional durability and ensure better maneuverability. Our stabilizer links are also engineered specifically in order to provide full coverage across all the vehicle makes and models in Malaysia.

Quality Rack End that Formulated to Provide Superior Strength & Make Long-Lasting Connection

Quality Rack End in Malaysia

A rack end, also called axial joints are a vital link in the steering system that used to connect between the tie rod end and steering rack, thereby transmitting the forces generated from the axial and allowing the front wheels to turn from one side to another. Manufactured by using high-quality materials, Saiko’s rack end is engineered to provide superior strength and ensure hard wearing. With an antioxidant surface on counter nut, it not only will make the product look good, but also enhance its corrosion protection.

In addition, our rack end has also undergoes tensile strength test to ensure extreme durability. This ensures our products are able to achieve excellent durability and providing additional responsiveness to the steering. Saiko’s rack end are also made available for most of the vehicle brands in Malaysia, which including Proton, Perodua, Honda and many more.

High-Performance Ball Joint that is Engineered to Provide Driving Comfort & A Flawless Steering

High-Performance Ball Joint in Malaysia
High Quality Ball Joint in Malaysia

Saiko’s ball joints are built to last with components that are rigorously tested for performance and durability. Built for strength and designed to cope with the demands of modern motoring, our extensive range of ball joints are tailored specifically to support smooth steering and offer excellent load bearing capabilities in order to ensure that they provide customers a safe and smooth driving experience.

In addition, the zinc flake coating on the ball joints not only looks better, it also improves corrosion resistance, while the flanged nuts allow higher locking force which boosts safety.

Rest assured that all the steering system parts offered at Saiko are backed with a minimum of 1-year warranty or 50,000 kilometers. They are even fully tested to be comply with both the ISO 9001 and TS16949 Standards.

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