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The Best Auto and Car Spare Parts in Malaysia

Saiko is definitely your best choice for quality replacement parts and automotive components. As the first leading auto parts dealer in Malaysia, we supply only the premium quality auto spare parts for Proton, Perodua, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford, Mazda, Suzuki, Subaru, Isuzu, Chevrolet, Hyundai And Kia. In addition, we also specialize in all the major car parts, ranging from timing belts, steering and suspension systems, drive shafts as well as brake pads. Whether you are looking for the best quality car parts and accessories to upgrade your ride performance or searching fo compatible replacement parts for your repair projects, rest assured that you won’t be running ou of options with our comprehensive product catalog of auto parts. If you need any further information, feel free to contact us and our dedicated team are always on hand with expert advice and assistance.

Timing Belt Component Kit

Manufactured and 100% tested to meet the OEM standards, Saiko’s timing belt kit is designed as a complete repair solution for you and your customers, offering great convenience to help you save cost on individual parts and is engineered to ensure long-lasting peak performance.

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Steering System Parts

Great handling makes your customers feel safe and in control. At Saiko, we provide a complete range of good quality steering systems that designed to achieve excellent handling and flawless steering, ranging from tie rod end, ball joint, stabilizer link to rack end.

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Drive Shafts

With quality parts sourced from the top industry leaders, Saiko’s drive shaft parts are made available for all makes and models of vehicles in Malaysia. They are of OEM specification and are fully tested to ensure high strength, temperature resistant, and long-lasting durability to keep your ride safe on the road.

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Brake System

Saiko’s disc brake pad and disc rotor have been engineered and formulated to provide superior stopping power and reliability in all driving conditions. All of them are fully tested to ensure optimal performance and extreme durability, providing the confidence you need with every stop.

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Suspension Parts

Saiko’s suspension parts are designed as a complete overhauling kit with superior heat and wear resistance that can provide driving comfort and a super-smooth ride. Engineered specifically for all vehicles makes and models in Malaysia.

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Shock Absorber

Keep your vehicle stable and in control with Saiko's highly tested shock absorbers. Made of OEM specifications, our shock absorbers are designed to withstand the most extreme road conditions, providing you with improved ride quality and great vehicle handling in all driving conditions.

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Wheel Hub & Bearings

Avoid excessive car vibrations with Saiko's wheel hub bearings. Designed to strict ISO standards, our wheel hub assembly and bearing parts are specifically formulated to ensure you a safer and smoother ride. At Saiko, rest assured that you'll find a part that is compatible with your vehicle.

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Saiko Automotive Parts

Be Part of the Number 1 Auto Parts Supplier in Malaysia

It is the vision of Saiko to be the most trusted auto parts brand in Malaysia’s automotive aftermarket. Hence, Saiko is always interested in partnering with distributors around the country, and together build a better future for the automotive industry through the supply of high performance and quality car replacement parts. As Malaysia’s leading car spare parts supplier, Saiko has the authority and levels of brand recognition that can generate significant number of sales. For more than a decade, we have over 500 distributors operating across the country and this makes Saiko the largest supplier of automotive parts in Malaysia. Find out more about Saiko’s partnership program, we will be happy to see you as one of our partners!

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